Live From the Forest Floor

by We Were The Fires of Rome

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released August 19, 2012



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We Were The Fires of Rome Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Wise Men Say
Say farewell to the loved ones, their sacrifice will not be in vein.
Sometimes a field must be burnt, so a new season can be sewn.
Don't call me saviour. Don't test my patience.
I'll watch this city burn, and lay its corpse on the alter of greed.
Their bones will be the nourishment.
Their tongues will be the nourishment.
Their flesh will be the nourishment.
From which this garden will grow.
Track Name: Kissing Knives
Let's lay the concrete down, let's build this empire.
Of rust and solid ground, assemble this place higher.
Only the modest know truths of their misconceptions.
Number on numbers grow obstacles and misdirection.
This is where we all falter.

Feel this Hell that we called home, a land laid to waste.
Where does it all begin? It was never like this.
Do the repercussion of all of these decisions.
Outweigh your needs.
They scream with laughter "what the fuck were you thinking?"
Who's got the upper hand?

Sit back and watch this world fall to pieces, What's left for us here?
What can we do to get the Hell out of here, man?
Nothing can hold us back, from running in circles.
This all seems so familiar. The urgency rebuilding in me, feel it coming.

I know its wrong, but I've never felt so good.
Track Name: Dreams
Lost in a trance, but found in a daze. Can we fix it?
This city of boxes of noises and lights to distract us.
Oh, the days were so young but rapidly they get older and lose all its meaning.
These nightmares bring out the worst in me.

Oh no, can we go back to where everything makes sense? In my head.
This dilemma has caught my attention,
there's so many unanswered questions.
What are my intentions?
Play the game and see what happens.

I walked into the room and looked around blankly as I gazed into confusion.
Something's not right here, no. Disarranging pictures that never leave.
These are my dreams.

Delusion of the mind only visions comprehend.
My prediction of the future these lucid dreams are clearly taking on.

Everything you've ever loved is gone.
There are so many ways where this can all go wrong.
It seems as though there's a place out there where time stands still.
I'm trapped inside where men in suits are in control.
You know they will profit off of stealing lives,
that's when they're forced to tell us who we are and forces us,
to follow rules and regulations.

Time is no longer on our side. This is Hell.
Track Name: Say Goodnight Raquelle
It's a cruel, twisted, fucked up world out there.
And if you're not cautious, well, you really should be.
They'll rip your heart out and tear you apart.
They'll haunt you, and gut you for experiments.

Lights! Camera! Action!
The way I see it, you're not getting out of here that easy.

"Darling, you've got a lot of potential. But sadly you don't fit the part."
She grabbed a hold of the gun, and she won't take no for an answer.
I am retreating from concepts of virtue, I cannot reason with your own conscience.
I am the one, I buried my mother but I can see clearly, 'cause I'm a wretched soul.
Once the hare, forever the tortoise.

Say goodnight.
Selfish thinking damn well killed her.
Track Name: Collections
Finding a rhythm said is finding a rhythm less broken.
Only the real poets are ones who'd never spoken.
The wind chimes with ease through what is my last breath.
Each flower that I smell brings me closer to death.
We were absorbed by love, but it was love I did not need.
Rape victim of the mind, solace found in need.

I can't help but lose my grip and lose all focus, blaspheme!
Reality's just not looking so well these days.
I reach my hand and scream to the sky,
but what's the point if no one is listening?
What we have laid here is what we've known as our collections.
But now it's faded and gone in thin air.
Assembling memories of picture perfection.
False happiness, they call me the collector.

With an "oh, Jesus what have you done?
The blood on your hands, Mary. With the divinity of your love"
So just cut the looking glass and watch the barrier break.

God's forbidden your entry in this God forsaken place.
So stop screaming in this Winter Wasteland.
The glass is broken and we're both drowning in the sand.
Time continues on whether or not we're ready to move.
We'll do our best to keep up with the rest but promise nothing.
Holding hands underground, from here to now.

Our roads lost its way and its bending, and my will is broken.
The laws of gravity left me sinking.
Falling, the smoke billows between our feet.
And blowing, the smoke billows with cracks in suspension dreams.
Our faces are different now that we're not free.

We're going home again, how long's it been? We whisper live,
As hearts stride into the well of my being, I know I'm home.
Track Name: Thank You and Goodnight
Watching from below as the many make their own mistakes.
Their faces shouting to the sky screaming,
"What can we do to keep ourselves alive?"
I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic. The lack of air makes me sick.
I can't breathe it's too crowded. Who will watch over us,
when there's no one left here?

Inhale the water looking up to see that unfamiliar face,
watch the cold make you slowly decay.
If there's one final thing I can say if I may,
last sight's always the whitest.

Feel your chest beat. Like the drum, the war of man.
No warmth for the god damned dead.
Passion playing keys like the elephant.

What have we done to live with no regrets?
Put everything down and help try to fix this.
Nature knows what is best, I'm playing for keeps.
We'll all see who'll finish last.
Screaming, "what can we do to keep ourselves alive?"
Track Name: Andrew, Everything Is Gonna Be OK
Cascading down with fallen rain, our fields flood while we say,
"Were singing and dancing and I'm up in smoke. If I'm still alive can you pass me the coke?"
An arrow pointed here curves to the left, and these backroad towns show us the rest.
Cobblestone streets are breaking apart, and if you push me here I'll show you my art.
I can pedal backwards until I get lost, 'til I can make it through this Holocaust.
I can go wherever this tree takes me. Grow old, rot, and wait for my Miss Misery, 'cause..

The needle's falling and we are losing steam so I jump to the first left,
and jump on the other team. A team where I'm just holding on.
Onto the calm, the waiting alarm.
The very essence of our breaking dawn.

And I wait for this passion to awaken me. But as the moon fades I always flee saying,
"we're singing and dancing and I'm up in smoke. If the whole world's laughing this is one cruel joke"
Have we lost control? Are we part of the system with no regrets?
Look down at me as I root to the ground, giving up on life.
A new tree, a new sound.

When is enough enough? We take everything for granted.
And I can't go on, this has gone far enough, don't you think?
When is enough enough? We are the leaves,
Dancing in the trees, they sing to me.